What adoption support do we provide?

Adopting a child can be rewarding and sometimes challenging. Many adoptive families find that at some point they could benefit from advice and support from professionals who understand that children and their parents have particular issues to cope with during childhood and beyond.

ELPAC is committed to providing support to adoptive families and their children whenever it’s needed and we encourage adoptive families – parents, young adults and children – to come back to us to seek advice and help at any time.

Each of the boroughs that make up the East London Permanence and Adoption Consortium have an experienced team of professionals that focus on providing caring, specialist support throughout the process of becoming an approved adopter, and after the child moves into your home and you start to form and develop a bond.

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Support in becoming an adopter

  • Continuous developmental opportunities to discuss your hopes, concerns and the practical implications of becoming adopters with your worker through the adoption approval process.
  • We will help you as you consider particular children and support you in the initial weeks and months of becoming adoptive parents.

Support for adoptive families

  • Help to develop attachments, and to support families in meeting the therapeutic and development needs of children;
  • Counselling, advice and information whenever you need it;
  • Support with contact arrangements with your child’s birth family, direct and letterbox service;
  • A mediation service about contact with birth family where needed;
  • Small support groups with other adopters and adoption professionals;
  • Training and workshops – to help with different needs at different times;
  • Family fun days and networking with other adoptive parents.
  • An assessment of your families’ adoption support needs by the local authority to access the Adoption Support Fund